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Abortion Discussion Tabled Until Further Notice

On December 21, 2008, I invited people to look at the five countries where abortion is both legal and much rarer than in the United States. It was my hope that people of good will on both sides of the abortion issue could identify some key traits in these low abortion countries that we might be able to use here at home.

As of this writing, no one has taken me up on my offer. So I’m postponing any further structured discussion of this issue until I get some responses that address that post or until I feel like I’ve got something that can add to the discussion instead of the wretched mutual shouting our nation currently endures.

I’ve placed this link to the post under my housekeeping section:

Tell me what Belgium, Switzerland, Tunisia, South Africa, and Nepal have in common.

I’ll still post items that I think are reflective of the culture of life that are life-affirming as opposed to simply being against specific practices.  As I’ve said before governments like the Palestinian Authority and communist Romania are proof that one can be anti-abortion without being pro-life.

For people just joining me who haven’t seen my previous posts on this subject, just choose “categories” from the left hand side of this blog and choose abortion.

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