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Request for Discussion: Low Abortion Countries

Last week I offered a chart of abortion rates worldwide. Today I’d like to open a discussion on what we might be able to learn from countries whose abortions per 1000 women are only a fraction of the US’s 21 per 1,000  in 2003.

Excluding countries whose statistics are deemed incomplete, here are the countries with the five lowest rates of abortion, according to the data from Guttmacher Institute:

Rather than start by offering my own opinions about what we can learn from these countries in reducing our abortion rate, I’d like to call on you. Are there commonalities among these five countries? Facts about their oopulations, access to health care, poverty rates, the presence of lack of comprehensive sex education, religious beliefs or other things? Are there aspects of their societies that you would associate with a culture of life? If so, which ones?

If you’ve got personal experience with any of the countries above, I’d appreciate your insights. For the rest of us, you might want to read up on these countries. I’d suggest starting with the great country guides from the University of Colorado at Boulder Government Publications Library. You can find their full list at http://ucblibraries.colorado.edu/govpubs/for/foreigngovt.htm or you can click on the country titles above for the specific country guides.

Let’s try looking at these countries for a week and see if we can find any commonalities. Please leave comments and I’ll try to weave those into my own observations next week.

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