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Comment on Issues at Change.gov

The transition site change.gov has implemented a featured called Your Seat at the Table that I hope you will take advantage of. This section consists of documents that are being sent into the transition team by various interest groups. In addition to reading what these groups are saying to President-Elect Obama, you can also discuss these documents and related policy issues. You can see the comments of others and make comments of your own. If you register for a free account, you can also rate the comments of others.

I think this is a valuable feature and one that I hope will be continued into the new administration. I think it would be especially helpful to have such a feature for new major policy documents of the new Adminstation such as space exploration plans or the hopefully soon to be revised National Security Strategy of the United States.

The one drawback to this new model of communication is that it will likely require a large web staff. Just the moderation alone would be a number of full time jobs for a White House. But I’d be happy to fund that if it led to constructive conversations on Administration policy.

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