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Three More Things About Iran: Safety, Taxes, Deposing Leader

Continuing my journey through:

Curtis, G. E., & Hooglund, E. J. (2008). Iran: A country study. Area handbook series. Washington, DC: Library of Congress, Federal Research Division.

Here are three more things I didn’t know about Iran:

  • p. 182 – Iran is considered one of the safest destinations among developing countries.
  • p. 192 – As of 2004, 50% of Iran’s GDP was exempt from taxation.
  • p. 220 – Iran’s Supreme Leader may be dismissed by the Assembly of Experts. The Assembly also conducts a yearly performance review of the Supreme Leader. Page 217 explains that the candidates for Assembly of Experts must be vetted by the Guardians Council, a body where half of the member are chosen by the Supreme Leader and the other half are appointed by an appointee of the Leader (p. 222). So this authority seems theorhetical to me.
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