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Three More Things About Iran: Prisoners, Deforestation, Cars

Continuing my journey through:

Curtis, G. E., & Hooglund, E. J. (2008). Iran: A country study. Area handbook series. Washington, DC: Library of Congress, Federal Research Division.

Here are three more things I didn’t know about Iran:

  • p. 156 – In the first half of 2007, some 600 labor leaders were reportedly imprisioned and thousands of workers have been imprisoned for activities deemed hostile to the regime.
  • p. 172 – Between 1954 and 2004, Iran lost 41% of its forests.
  • p. 178 – In 2002, Iran manufactured 500,000 cars. I didn’t know Iran made cares at all.

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  1. Iran has had an automotive industry for many many years. They make a car called Peykan.

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