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Not Just a Jobs Plan, But A Security Plan

In his second weekly video address as President-Elect, President-Elect Obama discusses his plans for jumpstarting the economy. The plan is currently being drawn up for Congress and will accept input from both parties. It is President-Elect Obama’s intention to try and create two million new jobs by 2011 through:

  • Rebuilding our crumbling roads and bridges.
  • Building wind farms and solar panels
  • Revitalizing our schools

He never mentions the words homeland security or national security in this address, but these are precisely the sorts of things we need to be doing if we are to build a resilient nation. So I believe that this plan will do double duty. It’s not only a jobs plan, it is part of a good homeland security plan as well.

For more on how bridge repair is a vital part of homeland security, please see my review of Edge of Disaster. Or better yet, just read the book.

On a completely stylistic note, I’m happy to see that this video is close-captioned. It’s shows a continued commitment to diversity and attention to detail.

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