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Three More Things About Iran: Polution, Birth Control, Christians

Continuing my journey through:

Curtis, G. E., & Hooglund, E. J. (2008). Iran: A country study. Area handbook series. Washington, DC: Library of Congress, Federal Research Division.

Here are three more things I didn’t know about Iran:

  1. (p. 88) – Tehran annually closes all public schools for several days at a time each winter due to air pollution.
  2. (p. 89) – Iran has a “very active” birth control program that has slowed population growth to 1.1% in 2006. [Daniel Note: Abortion is illegal in most circumstances in the Islamic Republic.]
  3. (p. 90) – There are Chaldean Christians living in Iran.

One Response

  1. There are also quite a few Armenian Christians in Iran- especially in Isfahan.

    Pollution is terrible in Tehran- as it is in Mexico City, due to the close in Alborz mountain range on the outskirts of the city. They have taken quite a few steps since the Revolution to address this, including a very extensive subway system.

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