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Three More Things About Iran: Khomenini, Nixon, Shia Saints

Continuing my journey through:

Curtis, G. E., & Hooglund, E. J. (2008). Iran: A country study. Area handbook series. Washington, DC: Library of Congress, Federal Research Division.

Here are three more things I didn’t know about Iran:

  1. Ayatollah Khomeini, the leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, lived in Iraq for over a dozen years. (p. 39)
  2. In 1972, President Nixon allowed Iran to purchase “any of America’s conventional weapons” in whatever quantity the Shah desired. (p. 44)
  3. Shia Islam appears to have saints. The many shrines you hear about in Iran and Iraq are devoted to departed people who are believed to have the power to intercede with God on behalf of petitioners. (p. 124) To me this seems at least someone similar to the Catholic “Communion of Saints.”
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