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Three More Things About Iran: Words, Nationalization, Mossadeq

Continuing my journey through:

Curtis, G. E., & Hooglund, E. J. (2008). Iran: A country study. Area handbook series. Washington, DC: Library of Congress, Federal Research Division.

Here are three more things I didn’t know about Iran:

  1. English has a number of Persian (Iranian) loan words. Among them – asparagus, lemon, melon, peach, shawl, spinach and Tiara. (p. 9)
  2. In 1951, the UK took Iran to the International Court at the Hague over Iran’s oil nationalization policies. The Court ruled in Iran’s favor, but the UK and the United States ignored the verdict. (p. 33)
  3. Although the US sponsored coup against Prime Minister Mossadeq in 1953 was presented as an anti-communist measure, Mossadeq distrusted the Soviets and helped defeat a Soviet oil concession in 1946. (p. 32)
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