Comment Policy

Based on past comments on political posts, I came up with a comments policy. I want to save my time and yours while still allowing for dialog on this blog.

Comment guidelines:

1) Comments must be relevant to the subject of the post. If I’m writing about the Apollo 11 landing and your comment is about the immediate need for expanding apple orchards in North Dakota, I’m hitting the delete key.

2) Comments that make accusations against individuals must be sourced either by:

– A reference to a report from a government agency, a recognized non-partisan group, or a media source not overtly partisan. The reference must include either a URL or the date and name of the publication you are citing. There should also be a quote or two from the article.

– Your personal, detailed observation of the alleged activity backed by your real name and contact information.

3) Comments should not use profanity unless the comment is quoting a third party. In that case, the quotes should be sourced under guideline 2.

4) Please do not copy and paste entire copyrighted articles into a comment. As a librarian, I have a special responsibility to take copyright into account on my blog. I believe in wide fair use rights, but posting a full article from a newspaper or magazine is going too far. An exception would be an article covered under Creative Commons, but in that case I want you to post a copy of the license.

An alternative to copying and pasting an entire article would be to post the URL of the article and a small (a few paragraphs at most) along with the purpose of your posting this comment.

5) The first comment from a poster attacking the patriotism or intrinsic character of me or of a fellow commenter is free, but discouraged. After that, the commenter will be moved to an “always moderate” or “always spam” queue at my discretion. Feel free to attack me however you want on your own blog. You have the freedom to speak your mind in this country without repercussions from the government. I have the right to decide whether to listen to you.