Stop Reading And Start Voting!

Today is Election Day in the United States. If you live here and are a registered voter, I expect you to vote today. In fact, if the polls are open, I expect you to drop what you’re doing, stop reading this entry and go out and vote! I especially want you to vote if you’re planning to join me in voting for Barack Obama — whether for my 18 reasons or one of your own. But if you’re a McCain supporter, I’d like you to go to the polls too. Why? Because Election Day is a day for America and we all win when our society is engaged.

Don’t know where to vote? Check out the National Association of Secretaries of State and let them find your polling place for you.

Don’t feel like voting because you’re either a) An Obama supporter in a hopelessly red state or b) A McCain supporter in a hopelessly blue state? Get out and vote anyway. Most states have at least one member of Congress up for reelection, various state offices and initiatives and referendums. Maybe your vote for President will be overwhelmed, but other candidates and causes can use your vote. Until I see the final vote tally, I’m not ready to concede Alaska. But even if I were, I’d still go out and vote because I want to see Mark Begich replace Ted Stevens and Ethan Berkowitz replace Don Young. It’s our best chance in years and I’m not letting it slip away because of my mood. It’s likely the same in your state.

I have taken the day off for Election Day to join Get Out the Vote efforts for Barack Obama and to offer rides to polling places for members of any party who needs one. I’ll try and check in throughout the day in case people have comments on this entry. If you’re not voting, I’d like to know why. If you are voting, let me know that and give your impression of how busy your polling place was.

Regardless of who wins today, I’m likely to not be blogging for several days. No matter how today turns out, there will be much to consider and much work ahead of us.