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Reason 18 to Vote Obama: Eight is Enough!

Today is November 3, 2008. Tomorrow is Election Day in these United States of America. Eighteen weeks ago I dedicated myself to giving you a reason a week to vote for Barack Obama for our next President. Today is my last post on this subject.

All of the 17 reason I’m listing at the end of this post are important reasons for voting for Senator Obama. I hope you’ll consider them and if they speak to you, then vote to put Obama in the White House. But if you believe as I do that this country has run off the rails since 2001 under the leadership of President Bush, then you need to vote for Barack Obama. Senator McCain has been promising change. He has been promising reform.

But what change and what reform? What specific things will he do differently from President Bush? I’ve asked that question in this space and other places for almost a year now. And none of my McCain supporting friends (yes, I have some) can give me an answer. Challenges on blogs go unanswered. It seems reasonable to assume McCain is offering us more of the same. Especially when you consider:

  • Senator McCain has voted with President Bush’s positions more than 90% of the time in the past several years.
  • Tucker Eskew, the man that destroyed McCain in South Carolina in 2000 for the Bush campaign, has been a trusted McCain campaign aid since Labor Day.
  • Karl Rove is an active adviser to the McCain campaign.

Same policies, same divisive politics. A Bush third term. Perhaps run more competently, but the same path. If you’ve enjoyed the last eight years and think the country needs nothing more than a few minor tweaks, then please vote for Senator McCain with my full respect. You’ve analyzed what you want and believe that McCain will be faithful to whatever positive aspects of the Bush administration you believe in. I don’t agree with you, but I respect your position.

If the last eight years have left you in dismay; if you believe that the Bush Administration has trashed our military and our reputation on ruinous, optional wars, secret prisons and secret torture; if you believe our liberties have been compromised without increasing our security; if you’re tired of politics that brands dissent as treason, then for all that’s self consistent, vote for Barack Obama as our next President. He has told us how he will be different and change our county’s policies. John McCain has not. If you honestly believe that Eight is Enough, then join me on the path out of our national nightmare and vote Barack Obama for President!

And, just in case you missed any of my other reasons to vote for Obama, here they are. PLEASE READ THEM before voting:

18 Reasons to Vote Obama / 1 – Respect for Others

Reason 2 to Vote Obama: Support Disabled

Reason 3 to Vote Obama: Transparency!

Reason 4 to Vote Obama: He is Pro-Family

Reason 5 to Vote Obama: Better Health Care

Reason 6 to Vote Obama: Better Energy Plans

Reason 7 to Vote Obama: It’s Fiscally Responsible

Reason 8 to Vote Obama: For Hillary Supporters

Reason 9 to Vote Obama: Empathy

Reason 10 to Vote Obama: Better Care for Vets

Reason 11 to Vote Obama: Engage the Country

Reason 12 to Vote Obama: Help Rural America

Reason 13 to Vote Obama: He Understands Technology!

Reason 14 to Vote Obama: Meaningful Homeland Security

Reason 15 to Vote Obama: Ending the Occupation

Reason 16 to Vote Obama: More Effective Military

Reason 17 to Vote Obama: Restore Foreign Policy

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