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A Weekend of Canvassing

This weekend I spent knocking on doors in my neighborhood to ask people who’ve expressed support for Alaska Democratic Party candidates to vote on Tuesday and to consider early voting. I rarely vote a straight ticket, but I think in our state we’ve got a good slate from Obama to Kertulla.

It was fun but tiring. I walked around a lot on streets that I don’t get to often despite their closeness to my house (Sat) or my work (Sun). I also mostly met people excited about ringing down the curtain on the last eight years and repairing this country’s infrastructure, reputation and energy dependence.

I also learned that many houses don’t have addresses that can be read from the street. But that was ok. I was especially blessed that it wasn’t pouring rain or snowing while I went house to house.

If you’re helping to get out the vote (GOTV), I’d love to hear about it regardless of your party. Please leave a comment. It may take a little while for your comment to appear because I’m still moderating.

Tomorrow I’m going to my local Obama office (he’s never closed up shop in Alaska!) and do data entry for the hundreds of thousands of calls made from our state on his behalf to battleground states.

Election Day I’m going to be giving people rides to the polls.

Election night? I plan to be free of computers, television, etc. I don’t want the play by play as votes are counted. I’ll be content to see the results of our combined labors on Wednesday morning. Assuming there’s a clear winner. I’m a little concerned that the large number of absentee ballots may mean a delay in final results, but we’ll see.

What are your Election Day/Night plans?

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