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Alaskans – Start Change Early! Vote BOB

This past Saturday, I was at the Juneau Rain Gear Rally for Obama with wet and enthusiastic supporters for change. All of the speakers were positive with no attacks on the other ticket.

One of the speakers wanted us to remember BOB:

  • Begich – Running for US Senate Against Ted Stevens
  • Obama
  • Berkowitz – Running for US House Against Don Young

My job at the rally was to hand out information about Alaska’s early voting options, which started today, Monday, October 20th.

So today, I combined these two themes. I went to my early voting place and voted BOB, plus my other choices. If you’re in Alaska and looking to turn America around from the failed policies of the last eight years, won’t you join me?

And don’t stop with an early vote, look for your local campaign office and volunteer some time to get out the vote between now and November 4th.

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