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How you feel influences your advice taking

Thanks to Docuticker for pointing me to:

Blinded by Anger or Feeling the Love: How Emotions Influence Advice Taking from Carnegie Mellon University.

The basic point of this study is that your emotional state strongly influences whether you’ll take a given piece of advice. If a person is focused on gratitude, they’ll tend to take advice. If they’re angry, they’ll tend to reject advice regardless of it’s value.  Additionally, people also make better judgment about advice quality when they’re not angry. Or, as the researchers themselves say:

People who felt incidental gratitude were more accurate than were people in a neutral state, and people in a neutral state were more accurate than were people who felt incidental anger. Our results offer insight into how people use advice, and identify conditions under which leaders, policy makers, and advisors may be particularly influential.

It’s worth your time to at least skim.

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