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Book Review: Edge of Disaster

I recently finished the book Edge of Disaster: Rebuilding a Resilient Nation by Stephen Flynn. Flynn is a national security specialist who started out in counterterrorism. Watching the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina convinced him that there were many serious risks to the country and terrorism, while important, wasn’t at the top of the list. The book documents our natural and man-made disasters and how their terrible effects are often amplified by our actions — or negligence. Fortunately there is much we can do do mitigate the effects of nearly anything that happens to us IF the gov’t is willing to treat business and citizens as partners and not spectators in providing security. This book should be first one the new President reads.

One of the reasons I think that this book is so great is because
it not only documents the problems in infrastructure (roads, bridges, public health, public safety), but the author has specific solutions. He also provides price estimates and specific details about how to pay for these solutions. This book is extremely well documented with 44 pages of notes to government reports, news articles and more.

This book is filled with common sense, scary yet plausible scenarios and practical solutions. Go read it. Then join your local community emergency response team and send a copy to your mayor, your governor and your Congressional delegation. Be prepared and empowered, not a fearful spectator.
But don’t take my word for the usefulness of this book, go see what Amazon has on it.

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