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drug addiction

A search engine phrase that doesn’t really have one answer is “drug addiction.” I’m not sure why, but it was the 5th most popular search term over the course of the past year, so that makes it worth writing about.

First, if you’re looking for quick answers about drug addiction, officially called substance abuse, I’d try the Medline Plus page on Substance abuse problems at http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/substanceabuseproblems.html. It addresses specific drugs and alcohol in addition to substance abuse in general.

If your interest in drug addiction is more research and/or statistics oriented, I recommend these excellent librarian created guides:

Alcohol, Drug and Tobacco Use (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Selected Resources for SW 643: Drug Policies: Prevention, Treatment, Law and Social Policy
University of Michigan

Finally, since this is the ALASKAN Librarian, if you’re interested in drug addication/substance abuse specifically in Alaska, you’ll want to check out Alaska’s Division of Behavioral Health, which has jurisdiction over substance abuse issues in my state. Their home page is http://www.hss.state.ak.us/dbh/.

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