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three cups of tea study guide

Update May 14, 2011: I believe that there is credible evidence that Greg Mortenson falsified key stories in Three Cups of Tea and that as of May 2011, donations to the Central Asia Institute (CAI) benefit Mortenson personally more than they benefit schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

I also think that at least some of the money sent to CAI does make its way to schools in Central Asia and that not everything in Three Cups of Tea is a lie. For more see https://alaskanlibrarian.wordpress.com/2011/05/15/a-quick-word-on-three-cups-of-tea-cai/, which includes a link to alternative charities doing similar work in the region.


Over the past year, the second most common search phrase that brought people to my blog from a search engine was “three cups of tea study guide.” While I’ve reviewed Greg Mortenson’s excellent book Three Cups of Tea, I didn’t mention a study guide. After poking around WorldCat and Google, I found two items from Mortenson’s Central Asia Institute that may help:

I found nothing that specifically called itself a study guide for Three Cups of Tea. If you know of one, please leave a comment and I’ll update this entry.

If you use these guides, please leave a comment about whether you liked them and why. Thanks!


2 Responses

  1. Came across this site while panicking about what to do for my upcoming book club. Thank you, thank you.

    This book is so inspiring that I think everyone should read it. Maybe if they did so we wouldn’t have so much of this senseless bigotry and distrust for others who aren’t just like us.

    Will be back to the site over and over. Many thanx.

  2. I loved the links for the questions and answers interview. It really helped me prepare for a test.

    All i have to say is that this book is inspiring and anyone who gets the chance must read it. Its heartwarming, humbling and inspiring all at once.

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