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Free Ringtones from the Government

Did you know that a number of government agencies offer free ringtones for your cell phone? Here are several ways to stand out from the crowd:

Arizona Fish and Game Department

Includes ringtones for eagles, elk, wild turkeys, coyotes, rattlesnakes and more

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources

Want an angry bear to announce you’ve got a call? This is the place to go! Or perhaps you’d prefer a barred owl or gray tree frog

GoArmy.com – Games and Downloads

Here you *could* get a ringtone of a DI telling you to “drop and give me 20!”, but I’d go for the Army Strong theme. I can so see it in many bold action movies.

Need more ringtones? Go to usa.gov and search on “ringtones.” One caution, some of the pages, especially from schools, appear to have been spammed. Look for site excerpts featuring complete sentences and a meaningful page title.

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