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alaska prisons

Someone came to this blog as the result of a search on “alaska prisons.” This seemed worth writing about. Most prisons in Alaska are run by the State of Alaska’s Division of Institutions. There home page is at http://www.correct.state.ak.us/corrections/institutions/ and it lists all of Alaska’s state-run prisons. Unlike a number of states, Alaska does not offer an online prisoner locater tool. From the web site, it wasn’t obvious how to find an inmate. You might need to call institution by institution.

Inmate demographic statistics can be found in the “offender profiles” listed at http://www.correct.state.ak.us/corrections/admin/.

Finally, the Alaska Judicial Council has published a number of reports on prisons and prisons in Alaska. You can find those reports, along with many others at http://www.ajc.state.ak.us/reports/admin.htm.

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