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Book Review: V for Vendetta

I recently finished the graphic novel V for Vendetta after having seen the excellent movie with Hugo Weaving. Overall, I liked the movie better, but the graphic novel had two things over the movie:

1) It did a great job of explaining how V knew so much about his victims, the system and how he was able to manipulate the system to serve his agenda. The movie really left me head scratching as to how he could arrange mass deliveries.

2) The graphic novel made you understand that there was more to changing the system than simply blowing things up. V gives a great talk on how chaos isn’t anarchy.

There are other differences between book and film, like LSD usage by cops, but these aren’t important to the narrative. In other places, like Valerie’s autobiography, where the comic book is an exact (with dates changed) storyboard for the movie.

Standing on its own, I found the novel to be rather slow moving and disjointed in parts. If I hadn’t seen the movie before, I might have gotten lost. But it was still worth reading for the items I listed above.


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