Week of October 11, 2020 Juneau Alaska

This past week the weather let up a bit and I got out a little more .

More fall color

NOAA vessel S 221 (Rainier)

For the past week or so, I could tell there was a largish vessel docked at our downtown Coast Guard station, but I couldn’t get a good look at it. But last Sunday it sailed down the channel and I got these photos:

Although I initially thought the name of this vessel was NOAA S 221, a quick internet search set me straight that the name on the back of the ship (Rainier) was the actual name of the ship and not the home port as I supposed. Here’s a bit more background from the ship’s web page:

Homeported in Newport, Oregon, NOAA Ship Rainier is a hydrographic survey vessel that maps the ocean to aid maritime commerce, improve coastal resilience, and understand the marine environment. Rainier’s officers, technicians, and scientists log the data that NOAA cartographers use to create and update the nation’s nautical charts with ever-increasing data richness and precision.



Some of the best raven pictures stay in my head because either I’m not fast enough with my camera or because I tend to respect the privacy of people. Today my spouse and I were at our local grocery store and we noticed a man eating in his car. So did a raven, who jumped on the hood of the man’s car and looked at him intently through the windshield. Almost like staring. After a bit, the man tossed out a few crumbs out his window. The raven went for it, as did what seemed to be about a dozen others. More crumbs followed and the ravens were scrambling. Except for the first (?) raven. They jumped back onto the hood and continued the staring started earlier. It would have made a great photo or video, but I didn’t want to take pictures without the driver’s permission. And I was too shy to ask the driver. Plus that likely would have driven all the ravens away and ruined the shot anyway.

Until next week.

Week of October 4, 2020, Juneau Alaska

This week was another one where I did not get out much. But sometimes, good things just popped in the window.



Week of September 27, 2020, Juneau Alaska

These are a few of the photos that I’ve taken around my town in the past week.

Fall in Juneau


Ships and Boats

Blurry, but Fun

Pandemic Signs

Week of 9/20/2020, Juneau Alaska

Week of 9/13/2020, Juneau Alaska

This post is a selection of photos that I took around Juneau, Alaska the week of 9/13/2020. Instead of dumping them all into one block/album like I’ve done in the past, I’m going to try and group photos by broad subject if there’s more than ten photos. This week, there are.


Ships and Boats


The Gull Line, September 2020

Note the solid line of gulls in front of the shore. Looking from Juneau Sea Walk towards south

This is a panorama stitched together for me from Google Photos. I really like the line of seagulls that looks like a defensive line to me. About a half hour earlier, the gulls were sitting on dry line. We have a wide tidal range in Juneau.

Douglas Harbor, 9/20/2020

I had the chance to get in a short walk between rain showers. I always enjoy walking by my local harbor and today I was impressed with the darkening skies – a reminder that the days are shortening and the sun is not climbing as high.

Night sights from February 2019

Caption: First street in Douglas Alaska, February 7 2019. Freshly ploughed parking lot.

Caption: Looking south from first street

I’ve been fairly captivated with Google’s Night Sight feature since it first came to my Pixel phone. I think it provides surprisingly clear detail and color in low light conditions and I just love what it does for my neighborhood in winter.

Both of the photos above were taken in February 2019. We have roughly the same amount of snow now.